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Healthcare Change Makers

Jun 20, 2024

Michael Green understands that forging relationships with those who support Canada Health Infoway’s mission is crucial to navigating our complex system and accelerating innovation. With this understanding top of mind, Canada Health Infoway works with different systems and stakeholders across the globe to strategize, innovate and advance digital health.

“Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel in Canada or any other country, it’s often better to try and take the best international practice, and then try to implement that at home,” says Michael when explaining the importance of collaborating with international organizations who set health standards.

In this fascinating episode of HIROC’s Healthcare Change Makers, learn all about how Canada Health Infoway is impacting the advancement of digital health in Canada, Michael’s expert strategies for finding partners to support Infoway’s mission, how his team is adopting and securely implementing artificial intelligence (AI), as well hearing who inspires Michael, and much more!


“We’re an organization that is focused on digital health and innovation.” - MG

“Our concept is to work with all the different systems across Canada and really try to help them innovate faster than they can do on their own.” - MG

“In a complex health system like Canada there’s so many stakeholders that are into play, and so we really try and make sure that we connect with the best people that are responsible for digital health, for example, in each of the provinces.” - MG

“One of the big roles we have is liaising with some of these big international organizations that set standards, and really helping provinces across Canada to synchronize and link into those to effectively get their systems speaking to each other.” - MG

“There’s tremendous potential with AI and at the same time, there’s so many different solutions appearing, so what we try and do is provide advice to people to help guide them through the AI forest.” - MG

“I think one of the things that most people in the organization including myself feel, is that we’re making a difference and helping to improve healthcare, and that’s a very exciting challenge.” – MG

“We try and help front line institutions and care providers with tools to prioritize privacy and cyber security.” - MG

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