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Healthcare Change Makers

Jun 24, 2021

For this special series, Inspiring Impact, HIROC is partnering with AdvantAge Ontario to highlight the work of several of the presenters from their 2021 online education and networking event.

Today we’re talking with one of the session presenters, Jennifer Cornell, Director of Long Term Care for the County of Grey. She moved into the position in 2019. During the tumultuous time that followed, she’s been fortified by the support of the Long Term Care community where leaders are encouraged to express vulnerability and “Call a Friend” when they need help.

Jennifer has also derived strength from the County slogan, Colour It Your Way – words that express a promise and a philosophy of person-centred care. Making that philosophy central to every decision she says has meant talking about it a lot and getting curious about what it means to people.


In a new leadership role, in a pandemic, I have found and continue to find the Colour It model and that framework really helpful in taking a step back, taking a breath and thinking through how can I use Colour It to make a person-centred decision.” – JC

We use the Colour It language and the Colour It acronym to ask meaningful questions.” – JC

The Long Term Care sector is a really caring and compassionate and innovative and helpful group of leaders. When you reach out and say, ‘Hey, I’m not sure how to handle this’, someone responds.” – JC

Many times staff flexed their start time so they could support their kids at home and also still fulfill their commitment at work. We really took this very flexible approach.” – JC

Get clear on your purpose and vision. What is it you’re trying to achieve as an organization or as a care home, then go out and start saying the words. Ask lots of questions. People will tell you when you ask them.” – JC

I do depend on my colleagues to give me a nudge and say, ‘Hey, you’ve suggested I take a break, I think you need to take a break too.’” – JC

It’s so true when you talk about having that North Star of Colour It Your Way, making sure you remember and say it.” – PDS

We’re in the early stages of two new builds, new redevelopments and so Colour It will be a very strong theme and guide – the North Star – to help us make sure we’re on vision.” – JC


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