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Healthcare Change Makers

Oct 17, 2019

Today, your host Ellen Gardner, Communications and Marketing at HIROC, speaks with Nathalie Pambrun, President, Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM).


Although she has worked as a midwife in urban, rural and remote communities across Canada and internationally, and sat on both the NACM (Nation Aboriginal Council of Midwives) and CAM boards before becoming President, Nathalie Pambrun emphasizes that none of us is a born leader. Finding our voice means connecting with our passion and purpose – something Nathalie says comes naturally to midwives! For her, articulating a vision for healthcare that’s inclusive of all people means remembering where we come from and always being aware of the voices you’re not hearing.


Key Takeaways:

[1:03] Nathalie explains the history of CAM and NACM and how they work together

[1:51] Does Nathalie struggle with leading CAM and continuing to serve the needs of Indigenous midwives?

[4:35] The transformation and change that resulted from the Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative

[6:39] What Nathalie took from her Indigenous roots

[7:30] How Nathalie was called to being a midwife

[12:15] The impact of seeing maternal and child health on another continent

[14:20Why Nathalie makes it a point to reach out and be aware of the voices she’s not hearing

[16:50] The need for true leadership in our country

[18:10] Why it’s important to look back and remind ourselves of how we got here

[19:21] The ‘gift’ in the HIROC-CAM relationship

[20:49] None of us is a born leader, but midwives need to articulate their passion and bring themselves to the table

[22:08] How association work has pulled Nathalie out of her day-to-day struggles and focussed her ‘angry, feisty’ side on something constructive

[23:11] All members should know that CAM is a safe place to have difficult conversations, explore topics together, and to be represented


Mentioned in this Episode:

National Aboriginal Council of Midwives (NACM)

Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM)

Carol Couchie (K’Tigaaning Midwives in Nipissing First Nation, Ont.)

Aboriginal Health Human Resources Initiative

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne


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