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Healthcare Change Makers

May 28, 2018

Today, your host Ellen Gardner, Communications and Marketing at HIROC, speaks with Kavita Mehta, CEO of AFHTO (the Association of Family Health Teams of Ontario).


Before her move to AFHTO two and a half years ago, Kavita was ED for nine years at the South East Toronto Family Health Team (SETFHT) where she spearheaded the development of a new four-story clinic; led a restructuring of the Board of Directors; and served as the Executive Sponsor for the East Toronto Health Link. Kavita began her career as a nurse, working in public health for four years and then going back to school to get her MBA. Her focus at the helm of AFHTO is breaking down the siloes in primary care and working with the association’s 185 member teams to create a system that will give every Ontarian access to inter-professional team-based care.


Key Takeaways:

[:50] What drew Kavita to her position at AFHTO

[1:37] Kavita realized she was missing the broader policy, advocacy perspective and the job was a natural fit

[3:45] How Kavita’s perspective has changed on wait times, compensation and recruitment since coming to AFHTO

[5:30] How the AFHTO advisory councils encourage and facilitate involvement from the 185 member teams

[7:34] The importance of creating a long-term vision for team-based care where every Ontarian has a patient medical home

[8:09] How having a fragmented system affects the provision of primary care in the province

[10:04:] What does not having a physician services agreement in place mean for family physicians? What does this mean for primary care in general?

[10:50] The influence of Dr. Geordie Fallis on Kavita and what he taught her about the importance of trust and relationships

[13:07] The importance of work-life balance and your family

[14:00] How relationships and partnerships have been important to Kavita

[16:02] The challenge of being a role model to women, especially to daughters – going to work and being a mummy as well

[17:08] Kavita started her career as a nurse. How that experience continues to impact the work she does today

[18:20] The similarities between primary care and public health and why they are integral to the healthcare system

[18:55] What Kavita is looking forward to

[19:38] The coming election and what it’s going to mean for new policy directions


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Dr. Geordie Fallis


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