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Healthcare Change Makers

Sep 9, 2021

Today we’re talking with Carmine Stumpo, President and CEO of Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital. Carmine joined Orillia Soldiers’ in 2018 after spending 21 years at Michael Garron Hospital in East Toronto.

Even if one of his first acts as CEO was participating in a polar swim fundraiser, Carmine has warmed up to every element of running a community hospital. This spring he was proud to unveil the hospital’s five-year strategic plan under the banner “We Are One Community”. The pandemic necessitated a radical reboot in how they structured the plan but Carmine is determined that all staff, volunteers and partners see themselves in that plan.

One of his proudest – and most difficult – moments during the pandemic was overseeing the hospital’s support of a long-term care facility when it experienced a tragic COVID outbreak. Although he’s been through crises before, Carmine said it was a humbling event that tested his personal resilience.


You need to be cognizant of the fact that there are really good practices and we need to celebrate that and appreciate that.” – CS

We were able to come up with a strategy that we believe reflects, in a very positive and forward-thinking way, the aspirations of this hospital and what aspire to be for our team.” - CS

The number one issue is, how do we continue to sustain the service and address some of our facility needs that we will have in the years to come which have been accelerated because of this tremendous growth. We see this as an opportunity.” - CS

As leaders, it was a humbling experience around an incredibly difficult situation and reminding ourselves why we’re in the healthcare industry, how important it is to band together in these crises and do what we can to support because it is larger than any one organization.” - CS

The best advice I can give to an emerging healthcare leader is, leadership matters.” - CS

Volunteering to do that work, preparing vaccines was a ton of fun, great to work with our community, and was really re-energizing.” – CS


With his avid interest in woodworking, near the beginning of the pandemic, Carmine challenged himself with building his office. It included a very attractive series of wine racks – and ‘in true pharmacist fashion’ he has positioned his licence as a certified mixologist.

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