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Healthcare Change Makers

Sep 4, 2019

In a special live studio recording, staff at HIROC had the opportunity to hear from Huda Idrees, founder and CEO of Dot Health.

With host Philip De Souza, Huda talks about how the burgeoning startup is leveraging partnerships in tech, healthcare and government to change the way we view patient data.

Huda offers advice for healthcare leaders on improving the sustainability and efficiency of healthcare organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  • [1:13] Dot Health is about helping all Canadians get access to their own medical information

  • [2:04] Canada’s publically-funded healthcare system creates unique challenges for empowering patients; how Dot is working with government to address these challenges

  • [5:46] Balancing risks associated with data collection with advantages, and communicating best practices in information security to Canadians

  • [8:35] The Twitter feeds Huda looks to for hope about the future of innovative health tech

  • [12:20] Engineering as an education is about teaching you how to think; what Huda took from her experience at the University of Toronto and how she fell into tech

  • [14:50] Everyone is looking for a way to move health data around to improve patient outcomes; how Dot is building partnerships to move data globally

  • [17:40] How building equitable workspaces, especially in the tech industry, relates to accessible health information

  • [21:20] How the upcoming federal election in Canada will impact the future of healthcare accessibility

  • [22:48] For hospital leadership, paying attention to what the patient experience looks like can drastically improve an institution’s sustainability and efficiency

  • [25:40] How patient stories have influenced Huda and the work at Dot Health

  • [27:49] What Dot Health did to move ahead with innovation while keeping privacy and security top of mind

  • [30:33] Getting the first users of Dot to jump on board

  • [33:29] Who Dot Health’s main clients are today

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