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Healthcare Change Makers

Jun 5, 2019

Join host Ellen Gardner for a one-on-one conversation with David Diamond – President and CEO of Eastern Health in Newfoundland and Labrador.

David’s healthcare career started in Human Resources and has taken him across the country with positions in eastern and western Canada. His time in Albert before the creation of Alberta Health Services taught him some important lessons around bringing an organization together and developing commitment to strategic goals.

Today through Eastern Health’s Living Lab innovation centre, David and his team are developing strong partners around the world to influence projects, enhance safety, and cut costs in the region. 

Key Takeaways:

[4:34] How David’s time in Alberta, during the early transformation of Alberta Health Services, has influenced his work at Eastern Health
[6:50] How David and his team have aligned the organization around a strategic plan
[9:51] Finding significant savings within the health system to respond to financial and population health challenges
[12:39] Pushing an innovation agenda in the province to benefit patient care and cost savings
[13:29] Eastern Health’s Living Lab leverages partnerships nationally and internationally to match expertise from the private sector to clinical leaders in healthcare
Looking toward best practices in other sectors around the world – how connecting with Ireland, Spain and Israel is helping to drive Eastern Health projects
[21:13] Why value-based procurement is a major focus for David and his team
[28:16] How high-reliability industries can be used to model change in healthcare, especially around quality and patient safety
[28:47] Population health is a critical focus in Atlantic Canada – how to move the dial

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