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Healthcare Change Makers

Oct 30, 2020

Today, Ellen Gardner and Philip De Souza, Communications and Marketing at HIROC, speak with Emily Gruenwoldt Carkner, President and CEO of Children’s Healthcare Canada.


Like many professional women, the usual pressures of leading two national associations, two young children at home, and staying healthy have been compounded for Emily Gruenwoldt during Covid-19. Fortunately Emily and her husband were able to turn to a big community of support, but she’s not lost sight of the effect of those pressures on her team and so makes a point of doing individual check-ins.


The entire landscape around children’s healthcare has shifted, creating accessibility and equity issues for many, but Emily also sees the silver linings – notably, the rise in virtual care and the prospect of many more people being able to attend CHC’s (now) virtual conference in November. This event and the many other ways they’re finding to meaningfully interact with members Emily says have been game-changers for the organization.


Key Takeaways:

1:08 Why Emily chose to work in children’s health

3:16 How Children’s Healthcare Canada has continued to provide virtual offerings to members

4:20 The transition of the annual meeting and the opportunities that presents

7:12 Great enthusiasm from CHC members around the rapid implementation of virtual care

8:19 The pandemic has given us permission to innovate

9:35 Why moving the dial on children’s health is going to take effort from health and other sectors

10:17 Why the UNICEF Canada 14 report card is a call to action

11:05 The collaboration of several organizations to create a new framework for the health and well-being status of children in Canada

13:26 A role for everyone to participate in the project, We Can for Kids

16:05 A unique opportunity to address mental health issue early and change the course for youth

17:03 How Emily tunes into issues in hospitals and healthcare organizations around the country

18:53 Coping with the biggest challenge of her professional career

19:27 How the CHC team used best practices to stay in touch during Covid

21:34 A memorable moment during the pandemic

22:44 The crisis has given the team a new sense of purpose

25:08 What has changed in Emily’s leadership style

26:49 The value of Emerging Health Leaders in giving leaders a safe space to ask questions and build relationships with peers and senior leaders

27:48 The value of having a “kitchen cabinet”


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